2015 Vacancies

VC receives requests for volunteers from our partners in the developing world who identify needs for particular skills in their projects that cannot be fulfilled locally. We then recruit, train, and place suitable candidates for these roles. Together with the partner we endeavour to source funding for the specific project into which the volunteer will be employed. These recruits are often graduates of the VC training course.


We have a range of needs identified by our partners in the field, most ranging from 12-36 months, some specialised and some general.  We are currently recruiting for projects which will commence in 2015 and wish to build a panel of suitably qualified, prepared candidates ready for placement.

Here are just some of the needs identified by our partners. We require people with skills and experience in several areas including, but not exclusively:

South Africa – Marketing Facilitation & Capacity Building Coordinator (Funded role, Q1 2015)

Haiti – BioMedical Engineer  (Funded role, Q1 2015)

Uganda – Cooperatives Coordinator (Funded role, Q1 2015)

​South Africa – Capacity Building & Resource Mobilisation
South Africa – Strategic Management, Resource Mobilization & Capacity Building
South Africa – Strategic Planning & Capacity Building Coordinator

Kenya – Library & IT Volunteer

Peru – Field Officer (Spanish reqd)
Peru – Hospice HCPs (Spanish reqd)

Mexico – Preschool Daycentre Teacher (Spanish reqd)

Haiti – Special Needs Teacher
Haiti – Speech & Language Therapist
Haiti – Special Needs School Aquatic Therapist
Haiti – Special Needs Horse Riding Programme Manager
Haiti – Kay Germaine Special Needs School Occupational Therapist

Zambia – Teacher Training

Cambodia – Teacher Training Resource Centre

Uganda – College Lecturer
Uganda – College Mechanics Lecturer
Uganda – Business Development Project Manager – Beekeeping Project
Uganda – School Administrator/Capacity Building

Full training and support is offered. Some roles have a monthly allowance and contribution towards flights and accommodation. All placements are funding dependent.

For more information, interested applicants should contact Colette at colette@viatoreschristi.com. Applicants are also invited to submit CV and a covering letter indicating their area of interest and availability to apply@viatoreschristi.com

Contact us today for more information!